Yukine + Yato

noragami_yukine-yatoThe anime Noragami really caught my attention with their quality animation, background paintings, and character design. Every studio style is different, so trying to learn what makes their characters unique was a challenge. In the end, I achieved an even greater appreciation of how much work goes into this show.


shunkA shark and a skunk, body types inspired by the anime, “Free! Iwatobi Swim Club.” I’ve never drawn a shark man before, or a shark woman for that matter, so I relied on a more human structure. Next time, I will likely draw a monstrous type.


meerkFreebie for a past commissioner, of two characters he created: a meerkat boy and a bird-lizard hybrid, which acts as his familiar.


floaty-wisty_colorFun little freebie I did for a subscriber!

Snake Character

snake_charI’ve decided that adding legs to a snake doesn’t necessarily make it a lizard.