Kraig Redesign


Changed the serval’s colors, but got exhausted after doing so many spots.



Ready for spring to come

Crunch Time


“By the way, tomorrow is Friday, so you can, you know, well it’s Casual Fridays here, no t-shirts or anything, of course not jeans. Slacks are fine though, any kind of button up – actually what you’re wearing now will be okay. Shoes, well, no sneakers, um, and that’s about it.”



New skunk character.


purnimaConcept sketch of Purnima

Michael & Simon

michael and simonDrew some old characters of mine today, to see how much my style has changed over the years.

Beatrice & Stewart

rabbitsco-worker sketches

Hoodie Design

HoodieI hope a tailor falls in love and makes this come true.

Cafe Chat

FossaBirdsPeople chatting in a cafe. Coincidentally, they were all men with long hair.

Eastern Sea Dragon W.I.P. 2


Further color work on the sea dragon concept.

Eastern Sea Dragon W.I.P. 1


Started sketching an idea for a water dragon.


WhisperMaybe a horror marathon was a bad idea. Not sure if this is creepy or cool.


DetectiveA friend asked for a detective character design, so this is my ink sketch of him.

Snake Character

snake_charI’ve decided that adding legs to a snake doesn’t necessarily make it a lizard.

Small E & G

Small E & G

new characters in a simpler style

E & G

E & G

Some new characters~

Lonely Kraig


Character Sheet: Jacob


Character Sheet: Yuan


Character Sheet: Eva


Character Sheet: Kraig


Character D


New character idea, this time an iguana. He is very bony even though he drinks beer every day. He thinks he’s the most optimistic and happy person in the room, but if he sits still long enough, he starts to appear depressed.

Character C


Here’s a possible husky character, who really likes chai lattes. She usually wears glasses but secretly thinks she looks better without them.

Characters A & B

Characters A & B

Started trying to flesh out the possible serval character by making a scene. Here, a hampster thinks he’s friends with the serval, ever since they became roommates. But the serval doesn’t like the hampster’s harsh style of talking.