Dragon Boy

Practice piece for digital cell shading technique.


Portrait of YouTuber Cat N’ Dog Play at work! Done with markers.

Crunch Time


“By the way, tomorrow is Friday, so you can, you know, well it’s Casual Fridays here, no t-shirts or anything, of course not jeans. Slacks are fine though, any kind of button up – actually what you’re wearing now will be okay. Shoes, well, no sneakers, um, and that’s about it.”

Bandit Collaboration

Love Bandit_background

The commissioner added a background, making this piece extra fancy!

Heart Bandit





New skunk character.

Mellow Phin


just your average dolphin, reading a tablet underwater, with legs

Seal Gossip


first time drawing a seal


IllisthusInspired by eels.

Happier Days are Here


Floppy Dog

Floppy DogA happy pup to start the week off right.


SenchouFanart for a manga I’m reading.

Surgery – Queued

Surgery - QueuedAs the bed sheets billowed up around me, both an uncomfortable buffet and soothing warmth dislodged my nervousness. Next to me I could hear a young patient’s mother instructing the nurses on how to take care of her daughter, so I turned up the fan to drown it out.

Surgery – IV

Surgery - IVHonestly surprised at how much better med tech has gotten since my previous IV.

Cat Loaf Comparison

Cat Loaf ComparisonCat Loaf CloseupGraphite vs. Digital, with a closeup.

Surgery – ACU

Surgery - ACUThe same questions were asked over and over by every nurse, doctor and technician for two hours straight.

Surgery – Waiting

Surgery - WaitingWaiting in the ACU, overhearing some things.


purnimaConcept sketch of Purnima

Michael & Simon

michael and simonDrew some old characters of mine today, to see how much my style has changed over the years.

Beatrice & Stewart

rabbitsco-worker sketches


caineSuper fast fanart of Caine after seeing Jupiter Ascending


litheTesting a new tablet’s pen pressure.

No Notice Given

No Notice Givenhttps://www.patreon.com/rienkarrot

Hoodie Design

HoodieI hope a tailor falls in love and makes this come true.