Fallen Dragon

Experimental piece mixing traditional art with filters. For Velen.

Telegram Sticker Pack Commission


Part of a sticker pack for use in Telegram chats.

Telegram Sticker Pack

Made a sticker pack with dragon characters for use in Telegram chats.



Ready for spring to come

Imagined vs. Reality – Colored

Colored version.


Testing the limits of your eyeballs.

Dragon Boy

Practice piece for digital cell shading technique.

Bandit Collaboration

Love Bandit_background

The commissioner added a background, making this piece extra fancy!

Heart Bandit




SenchouFanart for a manga I’m reading.

Surgery – Queued

Surgery - QueuedAs the bed sheets billowed up around me, both an uncomfortable buffet and soothing warmth dislodged my nervousness. Next to me I could hear a young patient’s mother instructing the nurses on how to take care of her daughter, so I turned up the fan to drown it out.

Surgery – IV

Surgery - IVHonestly surprised at how much better med tech has gotten since my previous IV.

Cat Loaf Comparison

Cat Loaf ComparisonCat Loaf CloseupGraphite vs. Digital, with a closeup.

Surgery – ACU

Surgery - ACUThe same questions were asked over and over by every nurse, doctor and technician for two hours straight.

Surgery – Waiting

Surgery - WaitingWaiting in the ACU, overhearing some things.


purnimaConcept sketch of Purnima

Cafe Chat

FossaBirdsPeople chatting in a cafe. Coincidentally, they were all men with long hair.


seaweed dragonQuick picture of a dragon.

Lykoi WIP


WIP of transformation of a black cat into a Lykoi breed cat (self-described “were-cat”).

2am Videos

2am VideosDragon staying up until 2am watching video streams.

Eastern Sea Dragon W.I.P. 2


Further color work on the sea dragon concept.


floaty-wisty_colorFun little freebie I did for a subscriber!



Dragon design inspired by an amphiptere.